Name: (Nephrite)
Name Origin: Nephrite (mineral)


Aliases: Masato Sanjoin
First Appearance: episode 013
Final Appearance: episode 024 (death)
Seiyuu: Katsuji Mori

click for larger version Nephrite is the second of the Dark Kingdom's Shitennou to appear in the first season. He works under the direction of Queen Beryl. He first appears at the end of episode 013, though he isn't properly introduced until episode 014. During the Silver Millenium, Queen Beryl recruited him and the other three Shitennou to become generals in her army. After their defeat in the Silver Millenium, he was reborn in the present day along with other members of the Dark Kingdom. His mission is to gather energy from the humans on Earth for the Dark Kingdom, in order to fully reawaken Queen Metallia. Unlike his predecessor, Jadeite, Nephrite first attempts to collect energy from single targets rather than from large groups. He consults the stars to find a human who will soon reach his or her peak energy output. He then finds the human in question and plants a special crest on an item owned by that person, such as a doll or tennis racket. As the person uses the item more, he or she becomes much angrier and uses increasingly large amounts of energy. He or she may also develop some special powers (such as when Kunitachi developed the ability to control animals in episode 015. When the person reaches his maximum energy output, a youma emerges from Nephrite's crest to drain the person of his energy. The youma is eventually defeated by the sailor senshi.

In episode 019, Nephrite attempts to trap Sailor Moon by preying on her adoration for Tuxedo Kamen. He sends a letter that is allegedly from Tuxedo Kamen to all the girls at Juuban Junior High School, asking Sailor Moon to appear at the Shinjuku MS Department Store the following night. Naru Osaka goes to the store, hoping that Tuxedo Kamen is actually Masato Sanjoin, Nephrite's alter ego with whom Naru is in love. Nephrite mistakenly thinks that she is Sailor Moon, and drains all of her energy. He discovers that she is not Sailor Moon, but because she has an enormous amount of energy, she becomes his primary target for energy collection. As important as he feels it is to collect energy, in episode 021 he decides to focus his attention on destroying the Sailor Senshi. He uses the same technique of placing his evil crest on an unsuspecting target, but this time he uses the most powerful youma he can find: Castor and Pollux. Unfortunately for him, the Senshi manage to use teamwork to defeat the youma. Queen Beryl becomes increasingly displeased with him, and he is constantly mocked by fellow Shitennou Zoisite for his failures. In episode 023, Nephrite finally decides to take matters into his own hands and search for the Ginzuishou himself. He stops responding to Queen Beryl and creates the Kurozuishou, which he hopes will lead him to the Ginzuishou. The Kurozuishou immediately begins responding to Naru, although Nephrite quickly realizes that it is not reacting because she has the Ginzuishou; it is reacting to her immense love for him and willingness to sacrifice her own life for his.

In episode 024, Nephrite comes to believe that Naru might know the identity of Sailor Moon, because Sailor Moon knew Naru's name. He goes to the girl's apartment to ask her what she knows about Sailor Moon, but she says that she knows nothing. He does tell her that his true name is Nephrite, not Masato Sanjoin, and says, "You are a wonderful girl. Thanks to you, I have learned what love is for the first time. In the evil organization I have been a part of, there is no love. We betray each other and kill each other for our own gain. I thought that was normal, but your love opened my eyes." Zoisite overhears this conversation, and sends the youma Grape, Suzuran, and Housenka to kidnap Naru in order to hold her hotage in exchange for the Kurozuishou. He finds them and rescues Naru, who bandages his wounds. The two talk and laugh together, and Nephrite's feelings for Naru obviously grow stronger. Later, the youma find Nephrite again and mortally wound him. Luckily, the Sailor Senshi destroy the youma before they can do any more damage, but it is too late for Nephrite. He dies in Naru's arms. Although he did manage to learn Sailor Moon's identity, the secret died with him.


Nephrite uses the alias Masato Sanjoin during his energy-collecting schemes. He is very wealthy, and is rumored to be the the president of a new company. He drives a red sports car. This alias first appears in episode 014. He says that he is a tennis coach, and offers some "tips" to aspiring tennis player Rui Saionji. In reality, Rui is his target, and he uses the opportunity to place his evil crest on her tennis racket, causing her to reach her peak energy so he can steal it. Later, Naru falls in love with Nephrite while he is using this alias.


click for larger version Nephrite uses one attack throughout the series, and he only uses it once, in episode 023. He calls out the words "Starlight Attack," causing small orbs of energy to form around his hands. He then releases the energy towards his victim (Sailor Moon), and an incredible burst of energy flies towards her. In episode 023, it misses, but it is clear that it can do quite a bit of physical damage to whatever it hit. Nephrite uses this attack while disguised as Masato Sanjoin, but he can probably perform this attack in his regular form as well. The name of the attack seems to be a reference to the close connection Nephrite has with the stars, and indeed, he calls on the power of the stars just before using the attack.

The following youma worked under the direction of Nephrite.

Castor & Pollux


click for larger version Nephrite is the second of the Shitennou to eappear, and he appears in volume 01, act 03. He is the second tallest of the Shitennou, and his age is estimated at around 19 (as stated in the Materials Collection). He is the commander of the North American division of the Dark Kingdom. After the second failure of his contemporary, Jadeite, Nephrite appeared in Queen Beryl's throne room, asking to be allowed to take over the mission to gather energy and locate the ginzuishou. After Jadeite's death and subsequent preservation/burial in a glass coffin in the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite vowed to find the ginzuishou and ressurrect Jadeite. His first plot is to steal the "magnificent treasure of the D Kingdom," which is believed to be the ginzuishou, from Princess D, who is visiting Tokyo. He sent his shadow to possess Princess D, who grabbed the treasure and ran off, draining the energy of her party's guest at the same time. The senshi confront Princess D, but Nephrite's shadow leaves her and is then destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Twilight Flash attack. In Nephrite's next attack, in volume 01, act 05, he sends a shadow to pose as the "ghost bride," a mannequin that comes to life in order to kidnap men and steal their energy. The bride managaed to brainwash Motoki Furuhata, who in turn tried to drain Makoto Kino of her energy. When the Sailor Senshi arrive, Makoto snaps out of her trance and realizes that she has been tricked. She is infuriated by this, and, after having a transformation pen thrown at her by Luna, transforms for the first time into Sailor Jupiter. Nephrite reveals who he is, and Sailor Jupiter uses her Flower Hurrican attack to incapacitate him, then finishes him off with a lightning blast from her tiara.


click for larger version Nephrite is the second of the Shitennou to appear. He enters in Act 4, when Queen Beryl realizes that if the senshi find the princess, they might also find the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou also. Nephrite's task is to find the crystal before the senshi do - a task that he will stop at nothing to accomplish. He competes with the other Shitennou for Queen Beryl's affection, and often sucks up to her. He sees the other Shitennou as a threat. Nephrite is played by Hiroyuki Matsumoto.


    Katsuji Mori - Nephrite's Anime Seiyuu
    Hiroyuki Matsumoto - Nephrite's PGSM Actor

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