Cardians (sometimes called "monsters of the day") appeared in almost every episode of the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R arc involving the aliens Ail and An. They are minions of the aliens who were sent out to collect energy. They often fought against the Senshi, although they were defeated relatively easily. To summon them, Ail would hold up several cards, and An would pick one. The card would then rise into the air and Ail would play a tune on his flute to cause the Cardian to come alive. Upon their defeat, the Cardians yelled, "Cleansing!"

EPISODE 47 - Vampire
EPISODE 48 - Minotauron
EPISODE 49 - Falion
EPISODE 50 - Hell Ant
EPISODE 51 - Reci
EPISODE 52 - Gigaros
EPISODE 53 - Amaderasu
EPISODE 54 - Seiren
EPISODE 55 - Utonberino
EPISODE 56 - Bipierrot
EPISODE 57 - Amanju
EPISODE 58 - Yamadakka