Name: (Queen Beryl)
Name Origin: Beryl (gemstone)


First Appearance: episode 001
Final Appearance: episode 046 (death)
Seiyuu: Keiko Han

click for larger version Queen Beryl was a major villain in the first season of the anime who was part of the Dark Kingdom. Although the four Shitennou (Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite) as well as youma were under her direction, Queen Beryl herself worked under Queen Metallia. She first appeared in episode 001. At first, she was only seen given orders to her underlings, with an immense level of control over them. Later, she began communicating with Queen Metallia after she was awakened, taking orders and managing the day-to-day operations of the Dark Kingdom. Beryl was very cold, callous, and quick to anger. She demanded a high level of respect from her underlings, but she showed the same level of devotion to her own ruler, Metallia. She was extremely impatient with the Shitennou when they failed at their missions, and it was she who killed the first three (Kunzite was later killed by Sailor Moon).

click for larger version Beryl's Past: In episode 044, the spirit of Queen Serenity revealed the events of the past to the Senshi. Through flashbacks, she showed that Beryl, whom Endymion said was a witch, was possessed by Metallia. Her goal was to conquer both the Earth and moon, which she hoped to do by using the power of Metallia. She took advantage of the people of Earth's desire for the longevity of the moon people, and brainwashed them to form an army called the Dark Kingdom. It was during this time that she recruited the four Shitennou. She led her army to attack the Moon Kingdom. The entire Moon Kingdom was devastated by the attack. Beryl attacked Princess Serenity, but Prince Endymion was able to stop her by throwing a rose between the women. Beryl attempted to get him to marry her and give up on the princess, telling him that he could be king of both the Earth and the Moon. He refused, so the wicked woman attacked again, this time killing the prince and princess. Queen Serenity used the power of the Ginzuishou with "Moon Healing Escalation" to utterly destroy the Dark Kingdom. During the battle, everyone on the moon was killed: humans as well as moon citizens. Queen Serenity used the last of her strength to seal away Metallia and send the moon kingdom inhabitants back to Earth to be reincarnated, with the hope that the princess and Senshi could live happily as normal girls. Before dying, she told Luna and Artemis that she had no way of knowing when or if Metallia would be revived again, But in the event that she was revived, the cats were instructed to make sure Princess Serenity uses the Ginzuishou and Moon Stick to ensure peace.

click for larger version Present Day: In the present day, the Princess Serenity (Usagi) and Prince Endymion (Mamoru) were revived along with all of the other Sailor Senshi. Beryl managed to break the seal Queen Serenity placed on Metallia, and hoped to completely revive Metallia. Ultimately, she was able to collect vast amounts of human energy in order to awaken Metallia from her deep sleep, although she was still not completely revived. Metallia told Beryl that she needed the Ginzuishou to fully awaken, so Beryl attempted to find that. First, she and her minions needed to find the seven Nijizuishou. After they were found, they came together to form the Ginzuishou, which Sailor Moon immediately took. The Dark Kingdom began doing everything they could to take the crystal, even capturing and brainwashing Endymion and instructing him to destroy Sailor Moon and steal the crystal. Kunzite even used Endymion as a bargaining tool, on many occasions telling Sailor Moon that she could see him in exchange for the Ginzushou. Finally, the Sailor Senshi made their way to D Point to battle against the Dark Kingdom once and for all. By this time, all of the Shitennou were dead and Metallia was rapidly gaining energy, causing natural disasters all over the Earth. Queen Beryl sent the five DD Girls out to defeat the Senshi, and they managed to kill all four except for Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon neared the Dak Kingdom's lair, Queen Beryl transported her into the throne room. She immediately confronted her opponent with the still-brainwashed Endymion, and instructed him to kill Sailor Moon. After a brief battle, Sailor Moon used the orgel to heal her lover.

click for larger version Super Beryl & Death: After Endymion was healed, Queen Beryl attempted to attack him and Sailor Moon with a large black crystal. Mamoru threw a red rose at it to shatter the crystal, but was fatally wounded by one of the shards. The rose hit Queen beryl directly in the center of her chest. Queen Beryl asked Endymion why he was protecting Sailor Moon, saying that if he had married her, he could have been "king of all the worlds." Cracks began to form around the rose... Beryl fell to the floor in awe. She wondered if Endymion's love for Sailor Moon be destroying her body. She refused to accept it, but was forced to retreat. She crawled before Queen Metallia, begging for more power. Metallia unleashed all of her energy and merged with Queen Beryl, creating an enormous new entity: Super Beryl. Super Beryl emerged outside of the Dark Kingdom's lair inside of a large, flower-like orb. She blasted Sailor Moon with energy, creating a tall pillar of ice in the surrounding snow. The top of the pillar opened up to reveal Princess Serenity standing on top. Princess Serenity lifted the Moon Stick into the air and used her "Moon Healing Escalation" attack to counter Super Beryl's bursts of dark energy.

As Sailor Moon and Super Beryl faced off, Super Beryl said, "Why do you go to such lengths to defy me? You dream of a beautiful future, but you are sure to eventually realize that this world is already ugly and filthy!" Princess Serenity responded by saying that she has faith. Super Beryl demanded to know, "In love? Friendship? Or in the trust between people?" The princess says that she has faith in this world that everyone tried to protect. Super Beryl persisted by saying that there is nothing left to believe "in this rotten world." Super Beryl strengthened her attack, determined not to be sealed away by the Ginzuishou now that she was filled with dark energy. Her power began to overcome that of Princess Serenity. The princess was also determined; she asked the spirits of her friends to lend their strength to her. Suddenly, the spirits of the other senshi appeared to lend her their power. An enormous, glowing pink orb of energy overtook Super Beryl, completely destroying her. The pink orb of light expanded to engulf Sailor Moon, Endymion, the other Sailor Senshi, and the entire North Pole. Although everyone died, the Senshi and Mamoru were transmigrated back to their homes to return to their normal lives. Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom were destroyed, but the girls and Mamoru had no memory of ever being Senshi.


click for larger version The main villain from manga volumes 1-3. She is from the Dark Kingdom. She serves under Queen Metallia, but all of the other villains serve under her (including Zoisite, Kunzite, Jadeite, and Nephrite). During the Silver Millenium, QUeen Beryl was a simple peasant girl on Earth who was secretly in love with Prince Endymion, and constantly watched him. When she saw the Moon Princess meet with him, she became immensely jealous. This made it very easy for Queen Metallia to persuade her to join the Dark Kingdom. click for larger version Beryl did join, and she then led an attack against the Moon. She tried to persuade Prince Endymion to side with them, but he refused and tried to protect Princess Serenity, so Queen Beryl killed him with her sword. The dark kingdom was destroyed, Queen Metallia sealed away, and Beryl was reincarnated on Earth. After reincarnation, she awakens Queen Metallia and works to gain control of the ginzuishou in order to break Metallia free of her captivity within the Earth. But although she swears her allegience to Metallia, her true goal is to rule the Earth alone with Prince Endymion. click for larger version Calling on Metallia for power, she reawakens Prince Endymion, who manages to get the ginzuishou for her. After discovering the Senshi's base at the Crown Game Center, she and Prince Endymion attack them. She tries to strangle Sailor Moon with her hair, demanding that Sailor Moon tell her how to use the ginzuishou. Sailor Moon refuses, and Sailor Jupiter cuts her free. Sailor Venus then uses the Stone Sword to kill Queen Beryl. Just before death, Queen Beryl has a flashback of her past life, seeing the Moon Princess and Prince Endymion together. Her final words are two the two lovers, saying that she had always been in envy of what they had together, which was missing in her own life.


click for larger version Queen Beryl is the leader of the Dark Kingdom. She is in charge of Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite, who she obsessively requires love from, and who send sends to steal energy for her. She despises Prince Endymion, and even forbids Nephrite from mentioning his name. Queen Beryl first appears in act 01, and is played by Aya Sugimoto.


    Aya Sugimoto - Queen Beryl's PGSM Actress
    Beryl - Queen Beryl's namesake, the gemstone beryl
    Keiko Han - Queen Beryl's Japanese seiyuu


    Sera Myu
    Aya Sugimoto