click for larger version Ail was the male alien who appeared in episode 047 of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R. He and his female companion, An traveled to Earth with the Makaiju to collect the energy they need to survive. In order to collect the required energy, Ail and An used Cardians. Ail would hold up several cards, from which An picked one. After she selected the appropriate card, Ail played a tune on his flute to summon forth the Cardian, which was then sent out to collect energy. When the aliens arrived on Earth, they came crashing through the atmosphere like a meteorite and left an enormous crater. While they were inside of the amorphous blob that fell from the sky, they located an empty apartment near the crater in the Juuban Odyssey apartment complex, where they made their home. The Makaijuu was housed within an extradimensional space created inside the apartment. In order to fit in, Ail takes the alias Seijuuro Ginga.

Because the Makaiju is a reflection of the type of energy that is fed to it, when Al and An take energy by force, the tree grows evil and reacts violently. The tree attacks Al, but An runs in front of the attack to protect him, and is killed by the Makaiju. Al is so distraught over An's death that he finally realizes love, and the tree stops attacking. The tree begins to tell its story to Sailor Moon. It is actually the mother of the two aliens, and at one tme had many other children that gave it energy. Eventually, the children became greedy and jealous of each other, and began fighting for power. They all destroyed each other, except for An and Al, who were small children. The tree went to sleep and fled into space with the two small children. It was awakened when it came into contact with Sailor Moon. It then reveals that it needed the energy of love to survive, not negative energy. Sailor Moon purifies the Makaiju, and it disappears. Sailor Moon gives its energy to An to revive her. When the two aliens are reunited, a tiny sapling appears to them. The tree had been reborn, and they were given the chance to start over. The two aliens take the sapling into space to help it grow again in episode 59. The name Al is an approximation of the "al" part of the word "alien." An's name is an approximation of the end of the word. Al's seiyuu is Hikaru Midorikawa (who also did the voice of the adult Fiore in the Sailor Moon R Movie).


click for larger version Ail used the alias Seijuuro Ginga in order to fit in better on Earth. As Seijuuro, he appeared to be a normal 9th grade student at Juuban Municipal Junior High School. He posed as the older brother of Natsumi Ginga, which was An's alias. From the moment he arrived, the girls who were his classmates at school found him to be extremely charming, especially his enchanting flute-playing. For his part, he did flirt with the girls quite often, resulting in frequent scoldings from Natsumi/An.


Hikaru Midorikawa - Ail's seiyuu
Juuban Odyssey - Ail's home