Sailor Moon's Anime Disguises

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Often, Usagi cannot get into places where she needs to investigate evil activity. These places may only allow authorized personnel, people with tickets, or there may be an age restriction. In order to get past these obstacles, Luna gives Usagi a transformation pen, with which she can disguise herself! While she seems to be disguised in everyone else's eyes, the other senshi are able to recognize her immediately. She also apparently takes on the skills of whomever she transforms into. Usagi only uses the pen in the first and second seasons, but Sailor Venus uses it in episode 102 of the third season to disguise herself as Sailor Moon.

A Beautiful Newscaster
When Usagi first receives her transformation pen from Luna in episode 003, she uses it to disguise herself as a "Beautiful Newscaster" to sneak into the FM No. 10 radio station and find out what's going on with the Midnight Zero radio program.

A Cool Grown-Up Musician
While following jazz pianist Yuusuke Amade in episode 006, the musician goes into a club called 30 Thirties to perform. Because the club only allows adults, Usagi uses her transformation pen to disguise herself as a "Cool Grown-Up Musician" and sneak in, using Luna as a stole.

A Doctor Who Works at a University Hospital
In episode 008, before learning that Ami is actually Sailor Mercury, Usagi thinks that she might be a youma, because she discovers that a disk lost by Ami has a brain-washing program on it. In order to sneak into the Crystal Seminar cram school, which Ami attends, Usagi uses her pen to disguise herself as a "doctor who works at a university hospital." She rushes into the building yelling, "I heard someone was sick here!"

A Cool Bus Attendant
In episode 010, buses have been disappearing from Tokyo every day, and Usagi needs to investigate. Of course, she's scared to get on the bus! She uses her disguise pen to transform herself into a "cool bus attendant," so she won't be so scared. When she gets on the bus, she tells the youma driver that it's her duty to make sure passengers are safe and comfortable during travel, and that hijacking is unacceptable!

A Beautiful Camera Woman
Ami and Rei have tickets to go on a cruise in episode 012, but Usagi doesn't. Jealous Usagi disguises herself as a "beautiful camera woman" in order to sneak onto the ship. Jadeite and a youma were using the cruise as a scheme to steal energy... and luckily, Usagi was there to stop them!

A Beautiful Bride
In episode 016, Usagi's home economics teacher, Higure Akiyama, has become possessed by Nephrite so that she will reach her peak energy. Luna suspects a demonic presence in the teacher. Higure is entering a handmaid wedding dress contest, and Luna tells Usagi she must infiltrate the hall as a contestant in order to find her teacher. She does so by disguising herself as a "beautiful bride."

A Pretty Princess
Usagi disguises herself as a "Pretty Princess" in order to get into a party being held by Princess Dia of the Dia Kingdom (Luna suspected that Princess Dia might be the princess for whom the Dark Kingdom was searching) in episode 022. At the door, when she is asked for her invitation, she brushes it off and says that she is the princess of the "Ivanovich Kingdom."

A Fortune Teller
In episode 030, Usagi hides in the bushes, spying on Rei and Yuuichirou. She decides to play cupid, so she transforms herself into a "Fortune Teller of Love," against Luna's frantic warnings. She then walks over to the pair and "tells their fortune" with straws. She tells them that if they kiss right now, their "love will come true." The two storm off, but Rei returns to yell at Usagi - she can see through the disguise.

A Cute Sailor
In episode 042, Usagi, Luna, and Artemis find Sailor Venus being attacked by a youma. They need a way to get Sailor Venus away, so Luna suggests that Usagi transform herself into a sailor in order to gain the skills necessary to pilot a boat. Luna and Artemis attack the youma, and then make their getaway with Sailor Venus and Usagi.

A Sweet and Stylish Kindergarten Teacher
In episode 052, Ail and An have been attacking kindergarten buses for energy. Ami figures out which bus will be targeted next, and Usagi must go check it out alone because she is the only one with the ability to disguise herself. The teacher of the students on the bus can't come, so Minako is also taking her place on the bus (though she is not disguised). Usagi disguises herself as a "sweet and stylish kindergarten teacher," and walks up to the bus, telling them that she is the new teacher. Minako recognizes her instantly.