click for larger version Unazuki Furuhata appears first in Episode 69 of the anime. She is the younger sister of Motoki Furuhata, and she works as a waitress at the Fruits Parlor Crown. Her brother works at the Crown Game Center, and her parents own both establishments. She attends school at T*A Private Girls' School, the same school as Rei Hino, though she is older than the Inner Senshi. She is most visible in the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS seasons. In episode 94, her Pure Heart Crystal is stolen - her purity comes from the fact that she wants to save her first kiss for someone very special in the future, with whom she will know that she is in love. In episode 128, she is attacked for her Dream Mirror by Tigerseye. Unazuki's seiyuu are Miyako Endou and Eriko Hara.


click for larger version Unazuki has a much smaller role in the manga than in the anime. She appears first in Act 14, Volume 04, and is a waitress at Fruits Parlor Crown. She attends T*A Private Girls' school, which is the same school as Rei Hino, and she is in her first year of high school. The Materials Collection says that she is a fast-talking, pleasant girl who is light on her feet and fairly careless. It also says that she has below average grades, and admires Rei. When out of her work uniform, she wears nothing but miniskirts, and occasionally, hotpants.