First Appearance: episode 035
Last Appearance: episode 051
Residence: Moon Kingdom
Seiyuu: Mika Doi

click for larger version Queen Serenity was the queen of the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millenium, and she was also Princess Serenity's mother. She made her first appearance as a silhouette (although she was not yet introduced) in episode 035, after Princess Serenity was awakened and regained all of her memories. During this episode, the Senshi learned that after the battle against the Dark Kingdom which destroyed the Silver Millennium, the queen used the power of the Ginzuishou to seal away Metallia. She wanted the four Senshi and Princess Serenity to have the chance to live peaceful, happy lives, so she used the Ginzuishou to have them reincarnated as normal girls during the present day.

click for larger version The Moon Kingdom: Queen Serenity was formally introduced in episode 044, when the senshi learned more about their past lives and the Silver Millennium. After the Senshi were transported to the ruins of the Moon Kingdom through the combination of Kunzite's attack and the power of the Ginzuishou, the tiny spirit of Queen Serentiy appeared before them. She said to Sailor Moon, "I am here to bring you a message from the distant past. I am the incarnation of the moon goddess, Serene. I am the queen of the Silver Millennium, Queen Serenity. I am your mother. I revived Luna and Artemis from their cold sleep, had them make contact with you, and watched over all of you." She then begins to tell her story of the past. Queen Serenity showed a flashback with more details of what happened during the war between the Moon Kingdom and the Dark Kingdom. Metallia was an evil entity who posessed Beryl. Beryl in turn brainwashed the people of the Earth and led an army of humans to attack the Moon Kingdom.

click for larger version Beryl attacked Princess Serenity, but Prince Endymion was able to stop her by throwing a rose between the women. Beryl attempted to get him to marry her and give up on the princess, telling him that he could be king of both the Earth and the Moon. He refused, so the wicked woman attacked again, this time killing the prince and princess. Queen Serenity used the power of the Ginzuishou with "Moon Healing Escalation" to utterly destroy the Dark Kingdom. During the battle, everyone on the moon was killed: humans as well as moon citizens. She then used the last of her strength to seal away Metallia and send the moon kingdom inhabitants back to Earth to be reincarnated. Before dying, she told Luna and Artemis that the Ginzuishou could be used for peace if it was used with the energy of a good heart. If it was used with the energy of an evil heart, it could become a terrible weapon. She said that she had no way of knowing when or if Metallia would be revived again, But in the event that she was revived, the cats were instructed to make sure Princess Serenity uses the Ginzuishou and Moon Stick to ensure peace.

click for larger version Reappearance: In Sailor Moon R episode 051, Sailor Moon was attacked by the Cardian Reci and her transformation brooch was shattered. The Earth became like quicksand and swalled Usagi, who found herself floating through space. Queen Serenity soon appeared before her in spirit form and said, "We are inside your soul. Thank you for still needing me." Usagi anxiously said that she needed to save her friends from the Cardian. Queen Serenity asked about the broken transformation brooch, so Usagi held it in front of her. When she did, a bright light illuminated everything and she found herself in the Moon Kingdom, dressed as Princess Serenity and standing in front of the queen. The Ginzuishou floated between them. Queen Serenity said, "Your desire to save your friends protected the Ginzuishou." The crystal then merged with the broken brooch to create a new one: the Crystal Star. Queen Serenity asked Luna to continue to help the princess, and told her daughter, "Princess, that Ginzuishou is not as powerful as it used to be. But one day, I'm sure your desire to take care of your friends and everyone else will bring out the true power of the Ginzuishou." She then instructed her to transform with "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!" Once Sailor Moon transformed and was back on Earth fighting the Cardian, the Cutie Moon Rod emerged from the moon: another gift from the queen. Queen Serenity told her daughter to use this new scepter to "ignite the flame of hope for the future." This was the last time she was seen in the anime.

Later, in the SuperS season, we learn that it was she who banished Queen Nehellenia to the lonely and isolated depths of the New Moon. Nehellenia was jealous of the White Moon Kingdom of Serenity, and soon found that the Golden Crystal would give her the power to take it as well as the Earth. She found Helios and held him as a prisoner in her palace. In return, Queen Serenity trapped Nehellenia inside of her mirror, locked in a deep sleep. Unfortunately, Helio was trapped with her, but he managed to escape in spirit, in the form of Pegasus, into a Dream Mirror on Earth.

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click for larger version Queen Serenity was the Queen of the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium, and Princess Selenity's Mother. She first appears in Act 10, Volume 03. After the senshi have travelled to the moon and pulled the Stone Sword from the ground amongst the ruins of the Moon Kingdom, she appears as a small hologram. She explains to them that after the Moon Castle and her body were destroyed, and the Moon Castle's main computer would not start, she saved her spirit within the sub-computer. She reminded Usagi of her past life as the Moon Princess, and revealed that long ago, her people guided Earth in a positive direction, observing and aiding the evolution there. One year, there was strange activity on the sun that produced an evil entity, Queen Metallia, on the Earth, which manipulated the people of the planet. Only the Prince of the Earth, Endymion, who was in love with Princess Serenity resisted until the end. He came to the Moon to fight Metallia, but died, resulting in the Princess's suicide. Both the Moon Kindgom and the Kingdom of Earth were destroyed, and Earth was forced to begin its evolution from the beginning once more. The grief-stricken Queen Serenity used the Ginzuishou with all of her power to seal away Queen Metallia, but because her spirit was so weak at that time, the seal has become defective in the present day, and Metallia is hiding on Earth. Serenity tells Usagi that only she can defeat the enemy, and then fades away. At the end of Act 12, after Metallia's defeat and the resurrection of the Moon Castle, Luna tells Usagi that she will be the new Queen Serenity. Queen Serenity appears and tells her that she must find happiness with the one she loves this time, and disappears again. Queen Serenity appears once again in Act 22, Volume 06, in Sailor Pluto's incomplete memories. She tells Pluto that she is to be the guardian of the gates of time, but that she must never break three taboos, the third of which Pluto cannot remember. In Act 41, Volume 15, we see her once again, in a flashback. Sailor Moon performs her click for larger version "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" attack at Nehellenia's mirror, but the attack bounces off the mirror and traps everyone inside, causing them to witness memories of the past. Queen Serenity is holding the newborn baby Princess Serenity, and tells the inner senshi that they will be her guardians. Nehellenia was filled with evil, and was therefore not invited to the celebration held in honor of the birth of Princess Serenity. At the celebration, she appears in the shadows, furious that she was not invited. Nehellenia tells them that she is from a place across the galaxy, and has been living in the dark depths of the moon, unnoticed. Queen Serenity tells her that if she comes in peace, she will be welcomed, but if she comes to spread darkness and evil, she will be banished. Nehellenia offers her hand to Queen Serenity, inviting her to accept darkness, reasoning that with no darkness, there can be no light. The queen uses the power of the Ginzuishou to seal Nehellenia within a mirror, but Nehellenia curses the Moon Kingdom, saying that it and the Silver Millennium will be destroyed, and that the Princess will die before taking the throne [her profecy does come true, as seen in the first arc]. Queen Serenity also appears in several flashbacks in the final arc. We learn that she created the castles of the senshi and gave them to them at their births in order to give them power. In the final act, Act 52, Volume 18, Guardian Cosmos (the guardian of the Galaxy Cauldron) tells Usagi that long ago, a shining star came to the cauldron, carrying a small star's shell. The image is of Queen Serenity holding a faight light. Guardian Cosmos then tells her that the shine of that star was similar to the brilliance of Sailor Moon's power. Although Queen Serenity did appear there, it is not clear exactly why she was at the Galaxy Cauldron in the past. The Materials Collection tells us that she has the appearance of an 18-year-old. This is because the power of the Ginzuishou keeps her looking very young, though she's lived for over a thousand years.


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