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click for larger version Helios has two forms: a human form, and the formed of a winged unicorn called Pegasus. He first appears as Pegasus in episode 128, in ChibiUsa's dreams, though he tells her not to tell anyone about their encounter. Later in the episode, Sailor Moon and Sailor ChibiMoon are attacked by Tiger's Eye. Sailor ChibiMoon wishes for help, and Pegasus suddenly appears out of the clouds. His appearance allows the girls to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor ChibiMoon, and he also gives Sailor Moon a new weapon, the Kaleidomoon Scope, which she uses in her Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack to kill the Lemures that attacked. Throughout later episodes, Pegasus appears to ChibiUsa in her dreams. He can also temporarily appear in the real world when ChibiUsa calls out for him. While his presence remains a mystery to ChibiUsa, the Dead Moon Circus is pursuing him. They know that he is hiding in someone's beautiful dreams, and are attempting to find out where he is hiding. The person with the most beautiful dreams carries a Golden Dream Mirror, which is why the members of the Dead Moon Circus are extracting Dream Mirrors for viewing. Pegasus does not initially tell ChibiUsa anything about his identity, for fear that she will not keep his secret safe. He does, however, help her not only in her daily life problems, but also with the task of being a senshi. In episode 130, he gives Sailor Moon and Sailor ChibiMoon new brooches with which to transform, and equips Sailor ChibiMoon with her Crystal Carillon. With it, she is able to perform her Twinkle Yell attack and call upon Pegasus for his help. In episode 135, he gives her the Stallion Reve, so that she can contact him even outside of her dreams or battles. In episode 143, he makes it possible for the Inner Senshi to transform into Super Sailor Senshi. He is also kind and benevolent, even to his enemies. In episode 149, the members of the Amazon Trio die and transform back into their animal forms. Pegasus revives them in their human forms, and gives the Dream Mirrors so that they become truly human. He then takes them away to his dream world.

click for larger version In episode 158, Pegasus tells her who he is. He tells her that his name is Helios, and he is from the land of Elysion, where he lived on the energy of people's beautiful dreams and protected the Golden Crystal. One day, Nehellenia came to him seeking the Golden Crystal (the crystal that would allow her to take over the Earth as well as the moon). Queen Nehellenia was unable to take the Crystal because of the impurity of her dreams, so she captured Helios and locked him in her dream realm. Inside the realm of dreams, he saw he light of ChibiUsa dreams, and when exposed to that light, transformed into Pegasus (although his physical body as Helios remained trapped by Nehellenia). As Pegasus, he is able to evade Nehellenia and protect the Golden Crystal, which is hidden in his horn. In episode 162, ChibiMoon's Golden Mirror is revealed, and Pegasus flies into it, but ChibiMoon quickly pulls the mirror back into her body. Nehellenia ultimately manages to capture Pegasus and steal the Golden Crystal, freeing her from her mirror. When Nehellenia isn't looking, however, the Amazones Quartetto switches the Golden Crystal for a small pineapple. They give the Crystal to Super Sailor Moon, who then gives it to Sailor ChibiMoon. The Crystal began to react to the beautiful dreams of all the people in the world, and the entire Dead Moon Circus was destroyed. Nehellenia is trapped within her mirror once again. Later, Helios tells the senshi that he must return to Elysion to protect he Golden Crystal. He then transforms into Pegasus and flies away. Helios's seiyuu is Taiki Matsuno.


click for larger version Helios has two forms: a human form, and the formed of a winged unicorn called Pegasus. He first appears as Pegasus in Act 34, Volume 12 of the manga. He appears to Usagi and ChibiUsa first during a total solar eclipse, calling out to a maiden. Later, he appears to ChibiUsa and tells her that he needs her help. He aids Sailor Moon and Sailor ChibiMoon in many ways, by changing their kaleidoscopes into the Moon Kaleidoscopes, and by giving them a new power - Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Pegasus slowly reveals bits of his story to ChibiUsa, but not all at once. From the beginning, she knows that his name is Helios and that he needs her power; that he has been searching for her. He tells her that she is the one with the beautiful dreams who can break the seal of the Golden Crystal in order to use it. Mamoru, who has been becoming increasingly ill with what doctors described as a "lung shadow," is also seeing visions of Pegasus and Helios. In Act 36, we learn even more about him. We see Helios in his human form within a golden cage. Queen Nehellenia has trapped him, and we learn that he can escape and visit the dreams of others only as Pegasus. We also learn that he is searching for the Golden Crystal. In Act 38, Volume 13, Pegasus tells ChibiUsa that he is Priest Helios of the land of Elysion, a land deep within the Earth. He is also the guardian of Mamoru and of the planet Earth. The spirits of Helios, Mamoru, the Earth, and Elysion are linked together as one - Helios shows Mamoru that a black rose is growing within the hearts of both men, heralding the destruction of Elysion. Helios tells them that since long ago, Queen Nehellenia has sought power over both the Moon and Earth. A curse was cast upon Elysion, within the Earth, filling the land with destruction and nightmares. Helios prayed, but his strength was not enough - the power protecting Earth began to fade. The Dead Moon crept onto the Earth during the solar eclipse, and if the destructive forces within Elysion continue, the Earth will become a possession of the Dead Moon. He says that since he is a priest, he has only the power to pray for the well-being of the inhabitants of Earth. The seal of the Golden Crystal must be broken, and only it can be used to defeat the enemy.

click for larger version In Act 40, Volume 14, Helios takes Usagi and Mamoru to the land of Elysion. They see destruction all around them, and black roses which are a sign of the curse upon the land. They go to the shrine, where they see two young women encased within a crystal - they are the Maenads, shrine maidens who are the only other inhabitants of the land, and who are in a deep sleep to avoid the curse. Helios tells Mamoru that this place used to be his Golden Kingdom during the Silver Millennium. He then tells them that he received many revelations, including a revelation from "Princess Lady Serenity," who he believed to be Usagi (though it was actually a grown-up ChibiUsa), that said that only the maiden could break the seal of the Golden Crystal. The Golden Crystal is Mamoru's crystal, equivalent to Usagi's Maboroshi no Ginzuishou. No one knows, however, the location of the Golden Crystal - although it is believed to be within Mamoru. Within Elysion, Nehellenia attacks, but Helios uses the last of his strength to send Usagi and Mamoru back to the real world, and collapses. The protection of Elysion has faded, and the Dead Moon launches its attack, going to Elysion. The senshi join hands and teleport themselves to Elysion as well, where they find the Maenads awaiting them on the steps of the shrine. They find Pegasus lying in a cage - they think that he is dead, although he has only collapsed from exhaustion.

Nehellenia appears before the senshi, and Sailor Moon attacks with Moon Gorgeous Meditation The attack bounces off of Nehellenia's mirror, and they are trapped within it. Prisms of color appear around them, as if they are within the Kaleidoscope. Here, we learn the story of Princess Serenity's birth, and the story of Nehellenia. Queen Serenity had just given birth to the princess, and was holding a party in the newborn's honor. Nehellenia suddenly appears, the only person who was uninvited to the party. She came from far away, but was living in the dark depths of the moon. The brilliant light of the White Moon was drawing in darkness. Queen Serenity told her that she would be welcome only if she wanted peace, but Nehellenia declines, telling her that the darkness is necessary - and placed a curse on the young princess. Back in the present time, Nehellenia takes the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou from Sailor Moon - but it quickly disappears. The senshi call on the powers of their planets and castles, and Sailor Moon transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. She attacks Nehellenia, who is sealed back within her mirror. The cage around Pegasus disappears, as does the darkness around Tokyo. ChibiUsa runs to Helios, and the power of her Maboroshi no Ginzuishou allows him to awaken. Elysion has returned to normal, and the Golden Crystal has been freed. Helios puts the Golden Crystal on top of a staff, which he gives to Mamoru. Mamoru and Usagi instantly transform into Princess Serenity and Princes Endymion. They use their staffs to draw the evil out of Nehellenia's mirror and send it to the sky, where it is destroyed. Helios rides Pegasus and takes the senshi back to the surface of the Earth. He then returns to Elysion, to protect everyone's dreams.


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