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click for larger version ChibiChibi is the mysterious little girl who appears in episode 182, floating down from the sky with a white umbrella. Later, she appears in the same park as Usagi. The wind catches her umbrella, but Usagi catches it and returns it to her. As Usagi heads home, ChibiChibi follows her. Usagi asks her name and where her mother is, but she only replies "Chibi... Chibi...". Usagi turns to talk to Luna, but when she turns back around, the strange girl is gone. When she arrives home, she finds ChibiChibi with her mother. ChibiChibi has brainwashed the Tsukino family into believing that she is Usagi's younger sister. Usagi does treat her her like a sister, and is fiercely protective of her. The senshi speculate on the young girl's origins, but cannot seem to solve the riddle. They know that she is not Usagi's sister, but think that perhaps she is another daughter of Usagi, who has travelled to the past. Setsuna, however, disproved this theory by telling them that Neo-Queen Serenity has only ONE child, ChibiUsa. The mystery continues on. ChibiChibi can say few words other than "Chibi." She can say "hai" (yes), "Iie" (no), and "Keeki" (cake), and repeat the ends of sentences when she is spoken to. She also carries around an incence burner which has the same smell as Princess Kakyuu, that of olive flowers. Later, it is discovered that Kakyuu is inside the burner, and that ChibiChibi is protecting her. In episode 187, ChibiChibi and Usagi attend a softball game. Lead Crow attacks the captain of the team in opposition to Usagi's team, Sonoko, and she turns into the phage Sailor Leaguer. Usagi quickly transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon (unaware that Aluminum Seiren is looking on), but Seiren attacks her and knocks away her wand. ChibiChibi rushes to help Eternal Sailor Moon, and when she touches the wand, she transforms into Sailor ChibiChibi click for larger version Moon. She then gives Eternal Sailor Moon a new attack, "Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss." In episode 199, we learn ChibiChibi's true identity. Galaxia took Sailor Moon's starseed, and remembered the past, when she was a Sailor Solider. She tried to save the galaxy, and so she sealed Chaos within her body to stop it. This method did not work, and as Chaos began taking over her body, she sent away her starseed, the Light of Hope, to where Chaos could not find it. Galaxia realizes that ChibiChibi is the Light of Hope she sent out so long ago. ChibiChibi sends out ripples of power, which return Eternal Sailor Moon's starseed to her body and surround the entire planet. She appears as a silhoutte of a grown woman with two heart-shaped odango, wings, and a long cape. She asks Sailor Moon to accept her light, and transforms herself into a starseed. As Sailor Moon touches the starseed, it is transformed into a sword. She tells Sailor Moon to use the sword to defeat Galaxia, who has now been completely overwhelmed by Chaos, but Sailor Moon refuses, believing that she can still save Galaxia. Galaxia suddenly attacks Sailor Moon, but Sailor Moon uses the sword in self-defence to stab her in the side. Galaxia attacks again, this time shattering the sword. The sword transforms back into ChibiChibi. Because it shattered, ChibiChibi dies in Sailor Moon's arms. After Chaos is defeated and banished from Galaxia's body, all of the senshi appear before Usagi, their starseeds having been returned to them. Mamoru appears holding ChibiChibi. As Usagi hugs the two of them, ChibiChibi raises her arms to the air, turns into a pink light, and flies into the sky, disappearing. ChibiChibi's seiyuu is Kotono Mitsuishi.


click for larger version ChibiChibi first appears in Act 44, Volume 16. She floats down from the sky with an umbrella into Ichinohashi Park. She immediately comes upon Princess Kakyuu, surrounded by olive flowers, and She heads straight for Usagi's house and rings the doorbell. Usagi's mother, Ikuko Tsukino, opens the door and welcomes her in. When Usagi arrives at her home, she sees the child standing with her mother. Shocked, she asks who it is, but Ikuko replies, "Usagi, you haven't forgotten your little sister, ChibiChibi-chan, have you?" Later, the senshi speculate as to who ChibiChibi could be. They know that she is not actually Usagi's sister, but they think that she might be Usagi's second child, or even ChibiUsa's child. They try to ask her what her name is and where she is from, but she only responds with "ChibiChibi" or copies the ends of sentences. Usagi fears that her presence foretells that something bad will come in the future, similar to the way that ChibiUsa's arrival foretold the arrival of the Black Moon Clan. ChibiChibi eventually gains the ability to talk normally. She carries around an incense burner that exudes the fragrant scent of olive blossoms. It is later revealed that the incense burner actually contains Princess Kakyuu, the Starlights' princess, and that ChibiChibi has been protecting her. In Act 46, Volume 17, after Princess Kakyuu reveals herself to the Starlights, it is revealed that ChibiChibi is actually a sailor soldier. She transforms with "ChibiChibi Crystal Power, Make Up!" In Volume 17, ChibiChibi accompanies Eternal Sailor Moon, the Starlights, and Princess Kakyuu to Zero Star Saggitarius, where they battle Lethe, Mnemosyne, Heavy Metal Papillon, Chi, and Phi. Finally, no one is left but Eternal Sailor Moon and ChibiChibi. The two face Galaxia. As Galaxia is about to fall to her death, Eternal Sailor Moon reaches out to her and rescues her. She tells her that she cannot bear to lose anyone else, even Galaxia. By this time, Chaos has completely become one with the Galaxy Cauldron, the place where all stars are born. The only way to destroy Chaos completely would be to destroy the source of all enemies, the Cauldron. However, if the Cauldron is destroyed, no more click for larger version stars will be born in the galaxy, and her friends will never be reborn. ChibiChibi tries to convince Eternal Sailor Moon to destroy the Cauldron once and for all. Sailor Moon decides not to destroy the Cauldron, but to sacrifice herself by melding with the Cauldron to save everyone. Here, in Act 51, Volume 18, ChibiChibi transforms into an older version of herself, as Sailor Moon dives into the Cauldron. In the next and final Act, ChibiChibi reveals her true identity as Sailor Cosmos. She comes from the future, when Chaos had taken nearly the entire universe, and killed every senshi except for her. Cosmos comes from a time when nothing remains of the universe but wars, violence, death, and destruction. She had lost the battle against Sailor Chaos, and felt that there was nothing left for her to do but flee. She felt that their way of fighting couldn't stand a chance, and that even if they won, at that point, the damage would have already been too great. She became so lost and scared that she could no longer remember what was right, and could only remember her mistakes of the past. She regretted not destroying the Galaxy Cauldron when given the chance. She goes back in time to guide Eternal Sailor Moon in destroying Chaos. She appears to Usagi as ChibiChibi, protecting and encouraging her, and remaining by her side. She says, "The me of here [Sailor Moon], too, was all alone. Always suffering. So I was always by her side to support her. I was going to make her choose the right path this time." Sailor Cosmos eventually decides that Sailor Moon did the right thing, and returns to the future. It should be noted that the name "ChibiChibi Moon" appears only in the anime, and never in the manga. It does, however, appear in the Materials Collection.


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